A Woman Owned Company
Affiliated with the Carpentry and Laborers Unions


We are a family run business, located just West of Lansing, MI in Eagle Township.  Dobie Construction was founded in 2010 by Tom and Sheri Dobie.  Tom has more than 30 years experience in the construction industry, helping form the company after many years as President of Kares Construction Company.  He functions as a Project Manager and Estimator on top of his duties as President.  Sheri is not only the Owner of the company, but also does all of the Accounting.  They are assisted in the office by their son, Josh.  He, like Tom, works as a Project Manager and Estimator as well as helping coordinate the workers in the field.  We typically employ 10-15 Union Carpenters and Laborers at any given time.  Typically we operate within 75 miles of our home office but have the capabilities to expand the range if needed.


We do wood. Well, we do a lot more than just wood, but that is a good start for what we do.  If there is wood to be installed on a project, it is usually us building/installing it.  We also install casework, millwork, countertops, steel & wood doors, steel & wood door frames, door hardware, and other miscellaneous accessories.  We have the capabilities to do interior selective demolition, concrete, wood framing, and roofing & siding as well.  If it is not something that we would normally install, we know who to direct you to to get the job done correctly.


We take a very personable approach to all of our projects.  When dealing with the office, you are working directly with Tom or Josh, or often both. We have stayed relatively small not because of lack of opportunity, but as a conscious choice to ensure quality of work and employees.  We are a client first organization.  We want to ensure that at the end of every project, you are more than satisfied with the end result.  The greatest compliment that we can receive at the completion of a job is getting asked back to complete another.