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United Methodist Retirement Community


* 6/23/2020 Project Update *

After the shutdown for the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are in the final stages of the Renovation to the Kresge Building. In this final phase, we are assisting in the construction of a residential kitchen for the residents as well as an upgraded dinning room. In the previous phase, Dobie and other members completed the transformation of double occupancy living quarters to single occupancy suites with individual bathrooms.

* 11/16/2018 Project Update *

The addition including new resident rooms, a lounge, and bakery is set to wrap up this holiday season. Currently our Carpenters are hanging cabinets and swinging doors. As we turn to the New Year, our sites are set on the renovation phase including demolition of current rooms to provide more spacious and comfortable living arraingement.

Dobie Construction has been brought onboard to do the General Trades and Selective Demolition work categories for this expansion and renovation of the Kresge Skilled Nursing Building at the UMRC Chelsea campus. Work is anticipated to continue through fall/winter 2019. We are looking forward to a great project with the team from UMRC and Elizinga-Volkers.